Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fifty shades of spray

Keep your eyes peeled for these guys!!!

First off the name smashes it! Secondly it looks like they will be doing each issue based on one colour at a time which is cool as fuck! Definitely something we are looking to collect... Make sure to follow them on instagram @fiftyshadesofspray and there tumblr

and for the online shop...

Definitely looks like these guys will be bringing something new to the table! Zines, videos and clothing what more do you want...

Ladies throw me your knickers!

Stacking that film

So the winter Months have been slow as fuck and since november we have predominantly only been shooting film as the digital camera is currently in storage in a evidence room!

Now the weather is picking up there should be more photos and more missions...

Monday, 9 March 2015

Graff slut tee!!!

The ever talented Ruby Heart has just released this filthy goodness! Grab them while they are hot there is no doubt that these will sell out in no time!

Follow the link to buy it >>>>  <<<<<

For more of Ruby's work check out the instagram @ruby_heart_

Growing old disgracefully