Thursday, 27 March 2014

From the inbox!

Seems a few people caught this REBL piece running (this is a better picture)

If anyone else has any runners they have caught lately feel free to send them this way!
I know for sure there has been a lot of bits and pieces running around.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Watch those who are watching you..

I have known about this for a little while now and have regularly kept track of it...

Definitely worth a look to see if its in the area... It also sometimes has updates of what areas they may be doing pro-active patrols. The more knowledge the more chance you have of staying safe!

On stuff

These were caught running yesterday, not the best photos but it is what it is.
More runners were caught on the overground today that I see posted elsewhere too and another separate one yesterday.
definitely "ON STUFF"

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Caution slippery poo!

This post is the biggest post I think has been done but what can I say there was way too many good things going on not to be put up!
Shout outs to the people that organised this spot, Thanks to the guys running the squat letting us do our thing and of course safe to all the guys that painted on the day!!
Its not often that we get brought in on a good spot but this one was definitely a banger!




 This is most but not everything that was done, missing a few pieces...


Monday, 17 March 2014

Part of a lost generation

Public Offender zine!

If you haven't heard of Public Offender magazine before then it is definitely worth checking them out!

They are a non-profit independent magazine which is coming straight out of Sheffield!

This isn't the first zine and I am sure it wont be the last! This zine is printed in a very limited run, there are only 40 copies of this printed!!

The new release is called "LURKIN" it is an a5 greyscale zine with 36 pages packed full of photos taken over three years, featuring in action shots, security guards, climbing and its all about "places we shouldn't be"

here is a little link to a preview of some of the pages...

Definitely one for the collection, keep supporting these independent zines they are always miles better than the mass produced ones!

head over to facebook to like their page here...

and to buy it head over to the big cartel page

Show them some support!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The happy wanderer..

So I met this guy while riding down a west London canal... He likes to be known as "The happy wanderer."

As soon as I greeted him he was smiling away... that explains the first part of his name. He was more than happy to tell me his story, he liked to speak quite a lot actually. He told me all the canals he had walked all the places he has been the places he has slept. when I asked him if he was homeless his reply was " I live in this tent," the same tent which he has had for 16 years. He was actually sewing a new door onto it as we spoke, the 4th door so far.

When I took his photo he said " make sure to let everyone know you met the happy wanderer."
Not everything he said actually made sense, he told me a lot of things about aliens coming down for him so he wasn't staying under that bridge anymore because it wasn't safe.

He also told me how much he hates graffiti ruining all the canals, someone even tagged his tent he said.

If I hadn't told him I had to go he happily would have had a conversation with me all day. I might have to go back and hear a few more stories from him.


Pretty much all of it is found emulsion fill except the orange coloured bubbles...
This spot was invisible before, the only way I could get pictures was to chop down loads of trees and stamp down all the brambles.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Whats for lunch?

This was a lucky escape to what could easily have been our sticky end!
If only the pictures could be shown... If only the story could be told...
Its funny how when you do the craziest thing you have ever done in your life, it just doesn't sink in till hours later! Its more suicidal than crazy! Walking down the highstreet all cut open and bruised I feel like a little kid that's fell off his bike, if only people could know the madness we just went through. Its crazy how quick things escalate and split second decisions nearly result in death!
Oh well whats for lunch?

Growing old disgracefully