Thursday, 31 October 2013

curiosity killed the cat or someone did!

A fox didn't kill it, a car didn't hit it... I am pretty certain some sick fuck killed this cat.
It was beheaded and cleanly sliced down the middle. when something is beheaded blood sprays everywhere, notice how there is not one drop of blood on the floor or anywhere around it. If a fox had eaten it there would be no meat left yet all the organs are left intact. The head was no where to be found...

dont become what you always hated...


These pictures don't do the pieces justice, there is a lot more detail than you can see here...

Saturday, 26 October 2013

i was here first... get out!!!

The beautiful thing about using racked paint is that if you ever run out half way through a piece, you can always go rack some more to finish it off. you go to paint with ten cans and come home with 20-30.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Clearing the streets

 This is what has to be done to those low life scum (snitches & biters) !

Every time we see this kids stuff we make sure it no longer exists, there will be more posts in the future of all the stuff we dog of his.

The reason we are forced to do this is because he (sey/sez dst) is a police informer, not only is he a police informer but he also tries and fails miserably to copy one of our owns work.

Its all fun and games until some one loses an eye...



Lifes my joke

Friday, 11 October 2013


Finally the film is finished and ready for release pre-order your copy now while its hot! They have released another small clip to let everyone know its ready for pre-order! Christmas is coming so this will be a nice stocking filler... We have also included the first two trailers for those that haven't seen them so check them out!

System Tumours - NOW AVAILABLE (Pre-order link in description) from Jacob Pickle on Vimeo.

System Tumours - Trailer #2 - 2013 from Arron Plumber on Vimeo.

System Tumours 2012 Trailer from ben sherman on Vimeo.

order from here...  WWW.ESEMTEE.BIGCARTEL.COM

Thursday, 10 October 2013

liquitex and found emulsion

When the supplies for a piece is free you feel so much more proud...

KEMO13 now has his own tumblr showing off his pieces, body art and illustration. Check him out!!!

Growing old disgracefully